Lindsay Faircloth
Owner/Broker In Charge - Certified New Home Specialist, Residential Construction Certified, EPro

730 Main Street #355
North Myrtle Beach SC 29582

Cell: 843-267-6230

I've been in this business for 18 years and I love it more each day. I started this company with one thing in mind. YOU! I want to make good things happen for other people and make this process as easy as possible. I have nothing against those who rack up transactions and move on to the next, more power to them! That's just not my style. There are literally THOUSANDS of Realtors out there who all claim to be the one that you need. How are you supposed to know up front who is the right one for you? It's simple. The right one will always put you first. Their "pitch" to you doesn't begin with how wonderful THEY are. It starts with YOU! In fact, the entire career of a real estate agent begins and ends with their clients. After all, the job of a Realtor is to be a true advocate not just gather intel to close a deal.

If you are looking for an agent or a company with a turn and burn mentality that is more interested in the amount of transactions they close each year and the money they make off of you then I am not the agent for you and we are NOT the Brokerage you want! Our philosophy is simple, our clients come first. We welcome all who need our help and will do everything we can to make good things happen for you!

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