We've all heard the term "marketing" and we all have a general idea of what it means, but do you have a firm grasp on what it means to you when you are trying to sell your house? Most people don't. Selling your home is not a decision taken lightly. In a perfect world, a sign would go in the yard, you would get a call that night from someone wanting to see it, next you get an offer, you go to closing and everything happens in 30 days. In reality, that is almost NEVER the case. Let me put myself in your shoes for a minute. Okay, I am now a seller who is ready to list my home. I think I begin calling random offices and have a few agents come out. Now that I have my appointments set I will sit and listen to each one and see who will give me the best price for my home. Do you see any potential mistakes that I have made? No? It seems like I have done what makes the most sense and, most commonly, what most people will do. I don't want you to make the same mistakes that I made as a seller, so here are some tips that I learned along the way.

Best price doesn't equal best choice

Who wouldn't want to have top dollar for their house, everyone does! Every agent also wishes that they could do that for every seller too. Stick to the numbers. Numbers don't lie about current market conditions. Though there are personal feelings and opinions on price and value, a buyer is looking at current market value and so is the appraiser. Paying close attention to the market conditions in your area and pricing your home in line or even just below what these numbers are will give you the best possibility of selling within your time frame and closer to to your listing price. The longer a home stays listed, the more your chances of a price adjustment increase and once you've lowered the price on your home, buyers will look for you to lower it again or they may come in much lower than they should. Bottom line, look at the numbers and make sure that the agent you choose is looking at them too. No one wants to have multiple conversations about lowering the price of their home.

Do your homework before you choose an agent

Calling around at random or walking into a real estate office is one way to find an agent but there is an easier way, the internet. Utilize the internet to learn what you can about the agents you choose to interview. Remember, an interview is a two way street, the agent you choose will also be considering whether they can help you and what kind of a relationship you will have based on your conversation together. Though you want to choose an agent who will work hard, you also want one who will work for YOU in YOUR best interest. Ask your friends and family who they would recommend, check out local websites for companies in the area and/or look up large well recognized companies and see what office they have in the area. Most agents will have a profile with a picture and a bio about themselves. We are even seeing videos of agents to provide more detail on personality and areas of expertise which is very helpful. This is the person you are entrusting with the sale of your home and you want a professional. You are worth the best so why not choose the best for you?

Know your expectations and share them with your agent

Before you begin your process, know what you want! Each agent that enters your home is going to have their own way of doing business. Knowing three things will help you have a great experience with the sale of your home. First, communicate! Ask your agent how often they will be in contact with you and let them know how often you would like updates and how you would like to be contacted. Some people prefer phone calls while others would just like a simple text or email to give a quick update. If you set up a communication plan up front it will not only hold your agent accountable but it will give you a sense security knowing that your house is always being paid attention to. Second, disclose all information up front. If you owe back taxes, have a second mortgage, a home equity loan or line of credit, pending litigation, etc., these are all things that need to be known upfront. The sellers disclosures give information on the condition of the property itself but it does not include any of those items. These are things that can be dealt with much easier if your agent knows upfront. It will also keep you from having to delay or potentially lose a closing. Finally, don't be afraid to ask questions! If you have concerns or questions don't be afraid to let your agent know! If you've chosen the right agent for the sale of your home then you can be assured that any question or concern that you have will be addressed. If they don't have the answer right away then they will get it for you.

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