If you've ever sold a home before you know the routine. Call 3 agents, talk to all of them, listen to the same information in 3 different ways and pick the one you liked the best, right? So what happened after the appointment? It was exciting, getting the lock box put on, seeing the sign in the yard and knowing it was going to be online. That's great! Then what? The most common complaint from any client who has listed a home that didn't sell is "I never heard from my agent". Now there could be many reasons for this and there are always two sides to the story but I'll spare you the rhetoric and sales talk and get right to the point.

Whether you have sold a home before or not, you want your home to be seen, you want to know that you are a priority, you want an agent who is accessible and available to you when you need them, and let's not forget, you want an agent who knows HOW to market your home!

I don't over promise and under deliver. With me, what you see is what you get and when it comes to pricing your home, knowing the market and researching the comparable properties is key. Numbers don't lie. If you want to know what your home's true market value is and how I can help you, complete the contact form below.

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