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5 reasons that the off season is a great time to list your home!

You read that right. The fall and winter months can be a great time to sell your home! Not convinced? Let me tell you why.

  1. Holidays work to your advantage. Think about how you feel when you see homes that have been decorated for the season or holiday. It makes take notice of that home and how nice it looks. Now imagine walking into that home and picturing your own holiday decorations, memories to be made, etc. Staging your home to accentuate the season can help buyers imagine themselves there and want to make your home their home.

  2. Less inventory means less competition. Everyone rushes to sell their home in the spring and summer months. There is an assumption that homes sell better in those months and there is truth to that, however, those are also the months with more inventory on the market than any other time of year. If buyers have so many homes to choose form it can be difficult to make a decision and your home needs to stand out even more to grab their attention. Selling your home in the fall and winter months can make your home the choice even faster.

  3. Serious buyers show up during the colder months. Those buyers who have waited for the right home, the best deal, whatever the reason, are still looking in the fall and new buyers who are now prepared are also joining them. Myrtle Beach has a different pool of buyers for every season. Those who look during the fall and winter months typically know what they want and they are ready to buy it when they see it.

  4. Faster Closings. During the spring and summer months it can be difficult to get things accomplished in a timely manner. There are only so many slots that an attorney has available and the same applies to inspectors, appraisers, etc. Due the high volume of closings taking place during that time, you can almost plan on a delay. The same is not always true for the colder months. Typically, homes sold during the fall and winter close faster with less delays.

  5. Let’s not forget the snowbirds! There is no doubt that our mild winters and sunny weather draws people here. If those who are looking for an escape from the cold winter months are flocking to our beautiful sunny shores, why not give them the option of buying your home and turning their vacation into a lifestyle?

    Need to sell your home and just don't know where to start or wonder if now is the right time? Contact me!

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