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Close on your new home by the end of the year at Del Webb North Myrtle Beach!

Thu, Nov 10th 2022 3:51 pm by Lindsay Faircloth Del Webb North Myrtle Beach


Del Webb North Myrtle Beach is an active adult community (55+) located between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Del Webb North Myrtle Beach offers new construction built by Pulte Homes featuring low-maintenance exteriors less than a mile from the beach. 

Planned amenities for Del Webb North Myrtle Beach is expected to include multiple sports courts, a fitness center, multiple pools, and planned activities complete with a full time Lifestyle Director. 

THESE HOMES are currently under construction and are expected to be ready to close by the end of the year. 

For more information on Del Webb North Myrtl...

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Thanksgiving on a budget

Thu, Nov 10th 2022 9:49 am by Lindsay Faircloth Happy Holidays

Thanksgiving is a time for people to come together, enjoy each other's company, eat some awesome food, and just give thanks. The kicker to all of this, food can be expensive and hosting for a large group can cost a whole lot if you do it wrong and can become stressful instead of joyful. 

Here are some tips on keeping Thanksgiving stress free, affordable, and enjoyable!

1. Keep it simple!

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a huge feast of a million foods that takes you 2 days to prepare. Keep it simple this year by streamlining your menu. Offer the basics that you know will be eaten and enjoyed. You can also ask your guests to bring their favorite dish to share. This helps take some burden...

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Is now a good time to sell my home?

Mon, Oct 31st 2022 11:51 am by Lindsay Faircloth Selling your home

One of the questions I am getting lately is from sellers who want to know if now is a good time to sell. As we enter into the fall market people tend to think that it would be better to wait for spring. In some markets, that may be the case and though things do slow a bit during the holiday season, in our coastal region we still see a very active market. So the short answer to the question is, yes. Now is a good time to sell. However, as a seller you need to remember these few things;

1. Do NOT overprice your house!

I can't even say this enough. NEVER put yourself in a position where you need to make continual adjustments. Be realistic with the true market value of your home and price i...

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The Return of the Buyer's Market

Wed, Oct 26th 2022 11:09 am by Lindsay Faircloth Homebuying

It's like music to a buyer's ears! "The return of a buyer's market". Seems great but there's a catch. Rates are much higher than they were even a year ago. What does this mean for a buyer? Let's take a real look at what the market is doing and what it means for both buyers and sellers. 

A look through the Buyer's eyes

Not so long ago interest rates to purchase a home were as low as 2.875%. When you are living the moment, it is easy to forget that rates were higher just a few years before that. In fact, this isn't the first time we have faced an increase in rates or even truly high interest rates! Low rates were never going to last forever, yet somehow we expected them to and that has ...

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For Our Furry Friends

Tue, Oct 25th 2022 12:00 pm by Lindsay Faircloth Homebuying

Just a snippet

Tue, Jul 26th 2022 3:35 pm by Lindsay Faircloth About Faircloth Real Estate Group

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Mon, Apr 4th 2022 11:07 am by Lindsay Faircloth Relocating

Relocating? We are here to help! Our agents know firsthand what it is like to move across the country to the beach. We understand the complexity of trying to piece together every moving part in order to make sure everything and everyone gets to where they are going. 

We also know that you need someone at your destination to be your eyes and hands-on advocate when you are looking for that new place to call your own. Once you have decided to relocate, there are a few steps you should take.

  1. FIND AN AGENT TO REPRESENT YOU. This may seem like a no brainer but so many people begin their search only to discover that the area or home that they thought they loved didn't quite work for their ne...

Sellers Markets and Bidding Wars

Tue, Mar 29th 2022 10:33 am by Lindsay Faircloth Buyer Info

"It's a Seller's market", "highest and best", "multiple offers", these are the phrases that are repeated over and over right now. Buyers are just expected to accept the fact that the home they see may not be within reach for them. They are expected to understand and accept that the price they see listed is most likely not what that property will sell for, and Buyers are being encouraged to pay more for a home than what it appraises for because there is someone else who will buy it if they don't. In some cases, contingencies are being removed; contracts won't be accepted if they have any protection in place for the buyer such as home inspections, appraisals, even financing in some cases. H...

Our Philosophy

Mon, Mar 21st 2022 2:37 pm by Lindsay Faircloth About Faircloth Real Estate Group

For close to 20 years I have been a licensed Realtor in 2 different states. I have loved every minute of this career. That's not to say that every minute has been easy or that I am able to help everyone but one thing I have learned along the way is that it costs nothing to be kind and it can make all the difference to someone. 

Over the past few years, I have been asked what the culture of my company is, how we work, and what makes us different from the rest. I wanted to take a minute to share our company philosophy and the rules that we do our best to live by in this profession. 

In the photo you will see what we value and how we serve our clients and each other. It's not a complicated...

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Wed, Nov 17th 2021 9:28 am by Lindsay Faircloth Real Estate Jobs Available

Are you thinking about a career in real estate and you don't know where to start? I can help. Many people come into this business thinking the same thing. Whenever I ask an agent why they chose a career in real estate I usually hear one answer more than anything else, money. Seems like it would be a good answer, right? I mean, no one chooses a career that they could potentially make no money doing. That wouldn't be smart. So in short, money is a valid reason but it can't be THE reason. Chasing dollars and deals in this industry will result in burn out and frustration. There will always be a LOT of agents to choose from but the majority of them won't make it past year 1 and if they do, by ...

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What is official start date for Christmas decorations?

Tue, Nov 16th 2021 9:10 am by Lindsay Faircloth Happy Holidays

Well Thanksgiving is upon us and that that means fall will be coming to a close. Though I love the entire holiday season, decorating for Christmas is something that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward too beginning at the end of summer. That doesn't mean that I completely bypass all of the beauty that the fall season holds, not by any means! If you give me something to celebrate, I am going to celebrate it BIG! I love celebrating everything that I possibly can and, of course, the appropriate decor comes along with that! 

I am the one who goes to the store beginning in September to look for Christmas decor and August for new fall items. I keep a tree up all year and change it out for ea...

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Sherwin Williams Novel Lilac

Tue, Sep 7th 2021 10:36 am by Lindsay Faircloth Interior Design Ideas

I am always looking for new interior inspiration and ways to change my surroundings just a bit. One of the easiest ways to add new life to a room is to paint it. There is no shortage of colors to choose from and I love reading the blog from Sherwin Williams, specifically their color of the month. 

The color of the month for September is Novel Lilac. This is an interesting choice that can be used in many different ways. You can choose to have an accent wall with this pop of color, create a colorful space by painting all of the walls, or use it on a piece of furniture to give your room that conversation piece. 

I am a fan of color in the home and I love to try different ones. What do you ...

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Buying a home for our pets

Wed, Sep 1st 2021 1:05 pm by Lindsay Faircloth Homebuying

If you have a pet then you understand what this means. Looking for a home means more than just finding the right space for you, it means finding a home that meets all of the needs of your family. Yes, pets are family! They provide us with unconditional love and affection and should be considered in the purchase of a home. Each pet is different and may have different needs. Here are some tips on finding the right home for your entire family, fur babies included!

1. Determine the space your pet needs. Do you need a large yard with room to run or do you prefer a smaller area with less to maintain? Communities with walking paths or near recreational areas may also be a good idea. If you have...

4416 Grande Harbour Blvd

Wed, Feb 10th 2021 1:00 pm by Lindsay Faircloth Grande Harbour Homes

4416 Grande Harbour Blvd.
Little River, SC

MLS# 1920945 - Residential

Welcome to Grande Harbour, a quaint community of cottages and raised beach homes annexed into the City of North Myrtle Beach. This home features upgraded cabinetry with soft close drawers/doors, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and luxury vinyl plank flooring throughout the entire home. The open floor plan and vaulted ceilings provide a spacious feel throughout the main living area and kitchen which overlooks the natural pond behind the home. Below, you will find two large storage rooms and ample parking. The space underneath the home provides the perfect spot for outdoor living with beautiful ...

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Health benefits of love!

Mon, Feb 8th 2021 4:00 pm by Lindsay Faircloth Happy Holidays

Valentine's Day is always that time of year when we start thinking about love. Rom com's on the TV, boxes of chocolates, flowers, all that mushy stuff. One thing you may be surprised to learn is that love has HUGE health benefits. Anyone who knows me knows that I love health and nutrition and I am all about love. That's why I wanted to share these 5 benefits with you that love has on your health. 

1. Showing love to others can lead to a happier life! Self care is important but showing love to others and doing something to make someone else's day, even if it's a smile, will make you happier than you thought. Give it a try! You will end up wanting to do something for someone else all the t...

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Creating Your Space

Fri, Aug 28th 2020 3:00 pm by Lindsay Faircloth Design Inspiration

So we have all been sitting in our homes for a REALLY long time while we quarantined and if you are anything like me you are ready for a change of scenery. After watching hours of HGTV and scrolling through Pinterest I am now always convinced that I can take on my entire house in a day.  However, my three kids, husband, and french bulldog are all reminders to me that I don't live in an untouched, meticulous model home. 

So here I sit, looking at my home and wondering what is it saying about me? Right now, it's saying you really need your 3 kids to start picking up after themselves because you can't even see your style through their stuff! On that note, I decided to start one room at a ...

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4402 Grande Harbour Blvd. Little River, SC

Fri, Aug 28th 2020 9:00 am by Lindsay Faircloth Grande Harbour Homes

4402 Grande Harbour Blvd.
Little River, SC

MLS# 1920936 - Residential

This home will begin construction soon! This is the last Mako that will ever be built in Grande Harbour. Photos represent the plan of the home to be built and not the actual home. Exterior color will vary. Welcome to Grande Harbour, a quaint community of cottages and raised beach homes annexed into the City of North Myrtle Beach. Features include custom cabinetry with soft close drawers/doors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and luxury vinyl plank in all areas except the bedrooms, and more! Grande Harbour is a natural gas community with its own dry stack marina and offers discounted marina serv...

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6900 Little River Neck Rd. Little River, SC

Thu, Aug 27th 2020 9:00 am by Lindsay Faircloth Land for sale in Little River

6900 Little River Neck Rd.
North Myrtle Beach, SC

MLS# 2010983 - Land

RARE OPPORTUNITY!!! 5 Acres of Land situated on the northeastern side of Tilghman Pointe, 20+ feet above the Marshes on a High Bluff overlooking the Private Barrier Island known as Waites Island. Seclusion, relaxation and privacy await the purchaser of this property. Views of Waites Island, Mink Island, Bird Island, Dunn Sound are all seen from this unique location. A dock on the canal may be permissible and possibly provide deep water access to the ocean. There are 2 acres of buildable land. Buyer should verify through FEMA what zone it may lie in if any, while 3 additional acres may be included are Marshes a...

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4416 Grande Harbour Blvd. Little River SC

Thu, Aug 27th 2020 9:00 am by Lindsay Faircloth North Myrtle Beach Homes for Sale

4416 Grande Harbour Blvd.
Little River, SC

MLS# 1920945 - Residential

This brand new home should be ready for its new owner in approximately 6 weeks! This is one of only two remaining homes to be sold in Phase 1 of Grande Harbour. New pics are coming this week and the exterior color is Jovial by Sherwin Williams which is sure to make you happy as soon as you pull up!

Welcome to Grande Harbour, a quaint community of cottages and raised beach homes annexed into the City of North Myrtle Beach. The kitchen features custom shaker cabinetry with soft close drawers/doors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and luxury vinyl plank flooring in all areas except the bedrooms....