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Hello everyone! 

As Thanksgiving approaches, it's not just about the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie—it's not just about family and togetherness, it's also about our furry companions crashing the party! Let's face it, our pets have mastered the art of being thankful for all the extra attention, especially when they try to snatch a bite of that perfectly roasted turkey! 

As a very proud frenchie mom myself, I can tell you that my Faircloth frenchies add joy to my life on a daily basis and each Thanksgiving that they are trying to trip me in the kitchen is no exception. 

Here's a sneak peek into what a Thanksgiving day with pets might look like:

The Great Turkey Heist: Forget about ninjas—watch your back when that turkey comes out of the oven! Pets suddenly turn into stealthy, turkey-seeking missiles, eyes locked on the prize. Let's just say, protecting the main dish becomes a game of strategic maneuvers.

The "I'm So Grateful for Your Leftovers: Your dog’s eyes sparkle with gratitude as if your leftover cranberry sauce is the most precious treasure they've ever seen. And your cat? Well, they'll disdainfully sniff at it and then demand a fresh serving from the table. They've got standards, you know!

The Nap Takers: The post-feast snooze is a universal language for both humans and pets. Finding the comfiest spot becomes a mission, with the sofa turning into a battlefield of who claims it first—your uncle or the family cat. Nevermind the fact that if the frenchies got there first, you're out of luck. 

The Ultimate Thank You: In the midst of the chaos and laughs, there's a heartfelt thank you to give. I also want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all our amazing clients who've entrusted me with their real estate journeys. Your trust and support has meant the world to us, just like how your pet thinks of you when you give them an extra belly rub. 

So, this Thanksgiving, as we are giving thanks for every good thing let's give thanks for the laughter our pets bring, the chaos they create, and the warmth they fill our homes with. To our amazing clients, thank you for being the backbone of our business. May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, laughter, and maybe just a little less pet-induced chaos at the dinner table!

Cheers to a paw-some Thanksgiving!

From everyone here at Faircloth Real Estate Group

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