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Real estate has always been an area of interest for many people. When the housing market came crashing down people lost their faith in the real estate market and those coming back into it are looking for something different this time. They are looking for the "evolved" agent.

In the past, those looking to buy or sell real estate would ask for the "top producer" or the number one company in their market, assuming that they would receive some level of excellence that other companies wouldn't be able to give them. In theory, that would be true, however today's consumers are looking to buy into a lifestyle and experience and they want an agent who understands them as much as their real estate needs.

Home buyers from generations X and Y make up more than half of the buying market and, to be honest, they don't care that much about who the top producer is or how many millions of dollars of real estate a company has sold. Don't get me wrong, those things are still important but they are NOT the key factors anymore.

According to a recent article in Realtor Magazine Online, "Younger consumers came of age during the housing boom and bust, and while they’re still interested in and enthusiastic about home ownership, they want someone who will be a knowledgeable, trusted advisor in their real estate transaction. This means they’re searching for someone who will look out for their best interests, not efficiently move them through the sales funnel."

At Prudential Myrtle Beach Real Estate you get it all! Top producers and experts in the market but you also get the personal treatment that you deserve. You are NOT another transaction in the sales funnel at Prudential, you are an integral part of our company and a valued client for life!

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