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Relocating? We are here to help! Our agents know firsthand what it is like to move across the country to the beach. We understand the complexity of trying to piece together every moving part in order to make sure everything and everyone gets to where they are going. 

We also know that you need someone at your destination to be your eyes and hands-on advocate when you are looking for that new place to call your own. Once you have decided to relocate, there are a few steps you should take.

  1. FIND AN AGENT TO REPRESENT YOU. This may seem like a no brainer but so many people begin their search only to discover that the area or home that they thought they loved didn't quite work for their needs. Having someone who can virtually walk you through each home and give you a better view and feel of the surrounding area is extremely helpful. When you find the right agent for you, you are also hiring a professional who is an expert in that area. They know the processes, paperwork, attorney's, lenders, etc. Having someone you trust to represent your interests is a crucial part of relocation.
  2. SECURE YOUR FINANCING. It is important to have your financing in place BEFORE you begin your search. Many times, people discover that the cost of living here is lower than the area they are relocating from. Knowing your payment up front will allow you to best determine the amount you are able to finance. There are many different loan programs available now. You want to secure the best loan program available to you. If you currently have a lender, then your agent can help bridge the communication gap between your lender and your attorney while also providing key documents required for your loan. If you need help selecting a lender your agent can offer suggestions on local lenders familiar with the area, or if you are paying with cash, you will need to have proof of funds available to show with your offer submission. 
  3. KNOW THE RULES OF CLOSING. This one is a step most people miss. Here in South Carolina, we are what is called an attorney state meaning that all real estate transactions are closed at an attorney's office and not in a title office. What this means in terms of closing is that they keys are not provided at the closing table. Once the deed is fully recorded, the keys are then released. This could be the same day, the following day, or in some extreme cases several days later. If you are closing by mail, all documents will need to be received and then filed before full closing takes place. Be sure to stay in communication with your agent as to when the keys to your new home are available in order to plan your move with less stress. 

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