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Thanksgiving is a time for people to come together, enjoy each other's company, eat some awesome food, and just give thanks. The kicker to all of this, food can be expensive and hosting for a large group can cost a whole lot if you do it wrong and can become stressful instead of joyful. 

Here are some tips on keeping Thanksgiving stress free, affordable, and enjoyable!

1. Keep it simple!

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a huge feast of a million foods that takes you 2 days to prepare. Keep it simple this year by streamlining your menu. Offer the basics that you know will be eaten and enjoyed. You can also ask your guests to bring their favorite dish to share. This helps take some burden off the host and allows the guest to showcase something they love too. 

2. More veggies 

We know Turkey is the star of the show, however, adding more veggies and veggie dishes can cut your budget and provide a well rounded, healthier dinner. Pinterest is a great source for finding all kinds of veggie dishes that are delicious and can help make your meal affordable while offering plenty of dishes for everyone. 

3. Less dessert

Forget about a dessert table and focus on one or two desserts that everyone will love. Baking things like bars (pumpkin pie bars, fruit pie bars, etc.) can go long way in feeding larger group. Anything that can be made in a large 13x9 baking dish rather than a small dish will provide more servings for less money depending on what you make.

4. Have fun and enjoy each other

Remember, food brings people together but it doesn't have to be the traditional meal or a massive amount of endless food. The time you spend together enjoying each other's company is what matters most.  

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