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"Which Real Estate Website is the Most Accurate"? If you are anything like me you want to use the most accurate website to find your home and if you are selling you definitely want your home on that site! How do you know which one is THE most accurate? Let's get into it. 

1. Are and Zillow the MOST accurate?

Let me first say, I like these sites. I use them. I know, I am not supposed to say that because they are supposed to be my enemy but I find them to be useful to me in the field sometimes. They are easy to use and pretty to look at but they are not the most accurate. Though they provide most of the same information that other sites provide the ease of use is their greatest appeal, that and their marketing campaigns. If you are a buyer you will find a ton of information on these sites. The frustration begins when you actually speak to a real estate agent and they tell you that the home is no longer for sale, it's pending, or the neighbor just opened an alpaca farm surrounding three sides of the property. I love alpacas but.....really?! How many of you have used the Zillow Zestimate tool? And how many of you have been disappointed to find out that your home is not worth that amount? I actually received an email the other day from another agent that I have worked with before (I guess they didn't check their database before sending) and it told me that my house was worth hundreds of thousands more than the actual market value and SHOWED ME the ZERO homes that have actually sold for that in my area within the past 3 months. Why did it say my house was worth so much? Most likely from one highly priced listing that is in completely different area or community but still within the same city. Don't be duped by misleading marketing. If I live in an area that doesn't have million dollar homes in it....I don't get to use that as a comp. 

2. Are local tax websites the most accurate?

Some people will locate the local tax site for an area and view property history in order to determine what they feel the best price is or in order to determine what they should offer. These sites offer some great information but they are not always accurate either. Some counties are a year behind so the information that you see may be a year old. A lot can change in a year. You can get some good information here but it is just one piece of the puzzle.

3. What about Facebook and Social Media?

While these alternatives have grown in popularity, most of what you find here are agents and companies running ads and promotions. The house you see may not be the one you get to when you click the link. This is not to say that they are inaccurate but the main goal is to get you to their website or lead capture system. I wouldn't use these alone to help you find a home. Though they could be a great place to learn more about the real estate agent you are thinking about using.

4. So what IS the most accurate?

Believe it or not, the most accurate site to use is most likely a combination of sites then focusing on your real estate agent's locally based website (if it's a good one and if they have one). Most people will start out on Zillow or, especially if you out of state. It helps you create an idea of what you like and don't like. When it comes down to it, you will want to engage a great real estate agent to help you. They will know the location, the communities, the amenities, whether or not there were building permits that were recently pulled to repair flood damage not shown on the listing.....things like that. A GOOD real estate agent is invaluable when looking online, moving to another state, and in the sale of your home. 

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