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Are you thinking about a career in real estate and you don't know where to start? I can help. Many people come into this business thinking the same thing. Whenever I ask an agent why they chose a career in real estate I usually hear one answer more than anything else, money. Seems like it would be a good answer, right? I mean, no one chooses a career that they could potentially make no money doing. That wouldn't be smart. So in short, money is a valid reason but it can't be THE reason. Chasing dollars and deals in this industry will result in burn out and frustration. There will always be a LOT of agents to choose from but the majority of them won't make it past year 1 and if they do, by the time year 3 comes around they will be gone. 

I come from from an unconventional perspective and one that not everyone subscribes to, one that many in this industry might scoff at. I'm okay with that. There is always a right fit for everyone and there isn't just one way to do this job.  I don't subscribe to the theory that real estate is a "numbers" game. I don't consider it a game at all. I am not out there trying to be the top agent with the most deals making more money than anyone else. Don't get me wrong, I also chose this career for the opportunity that it provides to make money but as I continued I realized it was about the people. If you always put others first by putting your clients needs first then the money will follow. People know when they are important and when you are just trying to get to the closing table. They know when you are invested in them and not just that check at the end. They know when they can trust you and when you are just doing what you need to do to get paid. There is a HUGE difference and that can also be the difference between how many hours a day that you work and how much joy you have in your career as you continue in it. 

If you are thinking about choosing a career in real estate you have to be invested in being the best, the best advocate for your clients. That's what we are here to do. In doing so, you will spend many hours studying, learning, preparing, researching, and connecting. It is so much more than putting a sign in the yard, getting some pretty pictures made, and having a few phone calls. You need to be the expert in your field. You need to have the knowledge and the confidence that people want in order to create a trusted business relationship. You have to be willing to listen first and be humble. This career can be rewarding, joy filled, and profitable if you do it right. 

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