What is official start date for Christmas decorations?
Posted By Lindsay Faircloth @ Nov 16th 2021 9:10am In: Happy Holidays

Well Thanksgiving is upon us and that that means fall will be coming to a close. Though I love the entire holiday season, decorating for Christmas is something that I thoroughly enjoy and look forward too beginning at the end of summer. That doesn't mean that I completely bypass all of the beauty that the fall season holds, not by any means! If you give me something to celebrate, I am going to celebrate it BIG! I love celebrating everything that I possibly can and, of course, the appropriate decor comes along with that! 

I am the one who goes to the store beginning in September to look for Christmas decor and August for new fall items. I keep a tree up all year and change it out for each season and every holiday in between. I even change it to a birthday tree to celebrate my family on their special days. You could say I am a bit much and I would be alright with that. That leads me to my question, what is the official start date for Christmas decorations in your house or for the holiday decorations that you put up each year?

Everyone does it differently and there is no wrong way! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and may this one be the start of something wonderful for you and yours!

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