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Posted By Lindsay Faircloth @ Aug 28th 2020 3:00pm In: Design Inspiration

So we have all been sitting in our homes for a REALLY long time while we quarantined and if you are anything like me you are ready for a change of scenery. After watching hours of HGTV and scrolling through Pinterest I am now always convinced that I can take on my entire house in a day.  However, my three kids, husband, and french bulldog are all reminders to me that I don't live in an untouched, meticulous model home. 

So here I sit, looking at my home and wondering what is it saying about me? Right now, it's saying you really need your 3 kids to start picking up after themselves because you can't even see your style through their stuff! On that note, I decided to start one room at a time. The room I chose first was my bedroom. Here are some tips I used when making the small changes to my space that had a huge impact.

  1. Assess what you can reuse or repurpose in your room without being wasteful. It's also cost-effective! 
  2. Choose your inspiration! I like to use Pinterest to select room designs that inspire me. 
  3. Start with your bed. This is usually the focal point of your space. Figure out what you want to it to look like and build from there. I like to keep it simple and use white bedding. This allows me to use any type of sheet that I want and accent with pillows and throws. If I get sick of the color scheme I chose, I just replace the pillow covers and I have a whole new look!
  4. Create a short list of items you would like to add. You may not have everything decided in a day so jot down some items that will help you turn your space into what you want. 
  5. Take chances with your design but don't overspend. I like to frequent World Market, Target, Homegoods, and TJ Maxx to find those unique pieces that fit my style. 

So what did I change in my bedroom to make it the peaceful space I wanted? I changed one throw pillow from a navy to a neutral organic style with beige, cream, and warm jute tones. I changed my curtains from grey to organic linen, I added a rug, a pouf, and a throw on an old leather chair I have. Now my once grey room is filled with light and warmth which is exactly what I wanted. I did all of that for under $200!

Best of luck to you on your journey to create your space! I know it will be fantastic!

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