Health benefits of love!
Posted By Lindsay Faircloth @ Feb 8th 2021 4:00pm In: Happy Holidays

Valentine's Day is always that time of year when we start thinking about love. Rom com's on the TV, boxes of chocolates, flowers, all that mushy stuff. One thing you may be surprised to learn is that love has HUGE health benefits. Anyone who knows me knows that I love health and nutrition and I am all about love. That's why I wanted to share these 5 benefits with you that love has on your health. 

1. Showing love to others can lead to a happier life! Self care is important but showing love to others and doing something to make someone else's day, even if it's a smile, will make you happier than you thought. Give it a try! You will end up wanting to do something for someone else all the time. 

2. Showing love to others can also lead to longevity in life. That means if you love others you may live longer!

3. Loving others can lead to fewer colds and illnesses. That's right! By showing love to someone else you lower your stress response which gives your immune system strength to fight off those nasty colds!

4. Showing love to others could lower blood pressure. This one goes hand in hand with your stress response. When love is displayed it reduces stress in your body and calms your nervous system. This helps your body to relax and could lower your blood pressure over time. 

5. Loving can also lead to healthier eating habits. When you love someone else you want the best for them. In a study done with couples, when one person begins to eat healthier the other may follow suit in support of the person they love. This leads to both being healthier, supportive, and even more loving! 

*This is a blog and is in no way intended to provide any type of medical advice, diagnosis, or medical opinion of any kind. Always consult a doctor with any questions regarding your overall health. 

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