Posted By Lindsay Faircloth @ Mar 11th 2012 2:04pm In: Random thoughts and ideas

Facebook has been around for a while now and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I use it on a daily basis for both business and personal use, however, I am NOT psyched about the mandatory change in our profiles and pages that is set to take place by the end of the month. The new "timeline" feature is set up to tell more of a story and yes I am techy but I am not a huge fan of change, especially when it changed the look of EVERYTHING on my page! Now I will get used to this and I will learn it inside and out (as someone who also teaches others to use it I have to) but I just had to ask, what do YOU think about the timeline feature? Do you wish that FB would STOP changing the way our profiles look or are you happy with the changes? Just my random thought for the day.

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