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These days it seems as though everything begins online. Relationships, term papers, job searches, home searches, etc. Anyone reading this right now is online looking for something. I was thinking about this the other day as a colleague was talking to me about their aversion to learning about different social sites such as Facebook or Pinterest. They have a website but it doesn't get any traffic and the entire online process seemed frustrating and confusing. I understand where this person was coming from though. In in era where people have disconnected themselves from other people and used email or text messages as a sort of filter to avoid real conversation, those who have always relied on the personal contact and face to face interaction may have a difficult time adjusting to the idea that people communicate in a different way now. Wait a minute.....I didn't say ALL people! Though I am guilty of texting over talking (though NEVER while driving) and emailing over making a phone call if I can help it, I do understand that actual live communication is important. I have learned over the years to asking my clients what they prefer and how they liked to communicate. Not everyone is like me and I would hate to feel like I alienated another person simply because of my own super techy preferences. I also took this conversation that I had as an opportunity to lend a hand and help explain or re-introduce the online process to a person who otherwise may have let it go and lost some success in their business. We all have potential to do more and learn more. Be open to the fact that your way may work best for you but others may have a way that works better for them. If you put your two ways together and offer support, you will reach twice as many people. Just some thoughts for today. :)

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